James Matthew Barrie - Author of Peter Pan

The playwright and novelist James Matthew Barrie was born in Kirriemuir on Brechin Road in 1860. His most famous work was Peter Pan but wrote many others including Quality Street, Little Minister, A Window in Thrums and The Little White Bird. He died in 1937 and is buried in Kirriemuir Cemetery on The Hill.


There are various locations in Kirrie relating to J. M. Barrie - click the links below to jump down to them directly:

Windows in Thrums Cottage, Southmuir

Barrie Residence, Southmuir

Barrie's Birthplace, Brechin Road

Camera Obscura, Kirrie Hill

Barrie Fountain - Brechin Road

Window In Thrums Cottage, Southmuir


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J.M. Barrie's House, Southmuir


J M Barrie's Birthplace, Brechin Road


Camera Obscura - Kirrie Hill


Barrie Fountain - Corner of Brechin Road & School Wynd


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